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In the Center of

For more than 16 years

Infirmary Service


General Practice

Clinical Analysis

Blood Collected Daily

The clinic also makes blood collected daily(monday to friday) and has agreements with many entities, including the ARS.

Prescriptions in 24h

Request medic prescription in order to renew your medication

Enfermary & Health Center

This clinic is a real alternative to the health center. We have a contract for Membership (Read +), which allows anyone able to consult in private.
So there is no excuse not to join the thousands of users who have given confidence in the Health Center.

Complementary Medicines

The general practitioner, also has a vast knowledge in complementary therapies , if you want to have a more natural approach to your health problem, and often more effectively (see treatments restore health). The Ideal Clinic is an complement to clinic Euro-Saúde, which supports the same clients.


  • Every day a GP is available for consultations and emergencies.

    The doctor also attends at home, in hotels … Even weekends and evenings you can always call the clinic to talk with the doctor. There are 3 dentists to give advice all day of the week and for emergencies during the week, and often at the weekend.Our nurses are also available every day from 08 to 10 am and can support at home if requested.


  • Dental Care
  • Infirmary
  • Auto-Blood
  • Hearing Screening


  • Speech Therapy
  • EFT
  • Osteopathy
  • Mesotherapy


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